We want to do the right thing

We work for a good and ethical way of doing business. Our business is built by people and our staff, startups, LPs and network and therefore we take care of everyone’s well-being inside and outside our business.

This whistleblower service

We give everyone within and outside of our the organisation an easily accessible opportunity to inform (“Whistleblow”) a selected management duo when something is not right, our whistleblower function can also be used in case of suspicion “Early Warning” to prevent and prevent possible and future events. We believe in proactive work for continuous improvement and therefore the selected management duo is responsible for all cases and “whistleblowing” that comes in. As an employee or consultant, you should contact the nearest manager for a verbal conversation, you can also email your report to our email or book a meeting. If you wish to remain completely anonymous, you can use this whistleblower service.

When can I use the whistleblower service?

You can use this whistleblower service at any time to provide us with information or a disclosure when something is not right. You can report something that has happened, something that is likely to happen or something that is happening right now. We want the service to be used when something does not comply with our values, ethical principles, code-of-conduct or current legislation. The whistleblower service can also be used when people’s lives or health are at risk.

This is how your message is handled

Through this service, you can also choose not to be anonymous. By clicking on “Oral Whistleblowing”, you can choose to attach an audio file where you tell what happened. You can also choose to “Book a meeting”, and then get the opportunity to submit a request to book a physical or digital meeting with Wellstreet. Remember to fill in correct contact information so that the company can contact you afterwards.

Hur skickar jag ett anonymt meddelande?

För att visselblåsa kan du använda denna kanal om du vill rapportera skriftligt. Du kan välja att vara anonym och då kommer du i slutet av din visselblåsning få ett autogenererat inlogg och lösenord som skapas slumpmässigt. Du kan även välja att inte vara anonym, genom att rapportera via en muntlig visselblåsning eller boka ett möte.

Vår visselblåsartjänst drivs av IT-Leverantören Whistlesecure.com, besök deras personuppgiftspolicy för att läsa mer om hur de garanterar din säkerhet.

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