Simple, safe
& economic

Connect your new channel with a link on your website.
Automatically integrates with email & CRM systems.
Automatically takes care of the 7-day rule. 

Whistle blowing, fixed single

Whistleblowing channel on your website.
Get started in 5 minutes.

Award-winning system

WhistleSecure confirms all cases with a confirmation, freeing up your time and money for other things. Simple.

Have you heard of WhistleSecure?

There is no need to worry. Watch our video about us and what our customers think. Spoiler alert: We make it really easy.

A safer solution

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Whistleblowing system easy start cheap

Try for free

Did you know that global companies receive 1-2 cases per year? If you expect almost no cases per year, you should try us. Start with a free trial.

Start up

Personalized onboarding, policy and briefing is included with us. All you have to do is connect us with your IT department.

Secure future

Should anything happen, you have access to a large network of experienced lawyers across Europe, where initial assistance and assessment is free of charge.

External assistance included

Yes, you heard right. We gather all the knowledge in-house. The system also confirms all cases, which means you automatically take responsibility for the 7-day rule. Our solution gives you more time, better finances and a more harmonious way of working under the new law. Simple.

✔ Built in Sweden in house
✔ Free legal advice
✔ Free assessment

Get more for less

If you get a case, it is 98% likely to be a complaint, so why hire an external department to manually handle the 7-day rule when our financial system does it automatically? All you have to do is choose your route within 3 months. Free legal advice is included.

✔ Cost-effective & smart

✔ Access to lawyers in Europe

Listening to our customers

" We are very happy with the simplicity we have seen in everything from onboarding to managing the system "

Henrik, Senior IT Officer

"We are very happy with all the support we have received and we see that their service delivers what was promised. We will recommend our portfolio companies to use the service."

Henric Enhörning, CEO

Integrated across the company, in oneclick

Get important messages and alerts where you are.
We know what good clarity and communication is all about. No matter what you pay, our functionality is always included.

How does it work?

WhistleSecure owns and operates its own whistleblowing system.
It supports reporting in all its forms; text, voice & meeting requests.

Test the system

It all starts with a free trial where our staff can also go through everything with you personally during a digital start-up meeting.

Add the system

With our manuals, it's hard not to link everything together, but if you don't have the opportunity to do so, you can buy a personalized onboarding.

Use the system

Or preferably not, but if you get a notification, that's good and you will notice in all your units that a case has been received.

Make it easy. Save time. Save money.

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